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Principal's Corner

Principal's Message

I want to welcome you to Spotswood High School, a comprehensive institution that focuses on excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, and community service. Spotswood High School has served the residents in Spotswood, Helmetta, and Milltown since 1976. The curriculum is challenging and rigorous and includes 14 advanced placement, honors, college prep, and career/technical/art courses. In addition to our existing AP classes, Spotswood High School, in conjunction with Fairleigh Dickinson University and Middlesex County College, offers courses: College Accounting, College Composition, Honors Biology II, Honors Calculus and Honors English 12. The list of these courses is in our school profile, which can be accessed through our website at

Academics have been and will continue to be our top priority. The Class of 2016 can boast 82% attendance at 2- or 4-year colleges. In addition, the Class of 2016, with 203 graduates, earned $7.8 million in scholarship monies.

At Spotswood High School, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer our students choices in academics and in extracurricular activities and to support them in the decisions that they make. The teaching staff, the support staff, and the administration continue to work diligently together to provide a positive learning environment where every student has the opportunity to meet with success. Spotswood High School has added several programs that enhance this culture and develop student leadership: Heroes and Cool Kids, Peer to Peer Mentoring, and a program that has been in existence for over 10 years, Lead for Diversity.

Our goal for every academic year is to have 100% graduation rate. I am also very proud to announce that this Class of 2016 set the highest standard in this regard with a graduation rate of 98.2%. It is also our building focus for 2016-17 to drastically reduce the amount of failures for our students. Through consistent communication with our parents, our teachers, and counselors, we will monitor and develop the necessary plans in order to reach our goal. I guarantee that my staff will put forth, along with administration, a maximum effort for the students to meet with success, as evidenced with this outstanding Class of 2016.

Our Parent Module, through our Genesis Program, continues to have positive results. The number of students achieving honor roll status reached an all-time high, combined with a lower failure rate. We believe in the philosophy that the communication process between the school and the home is vital in order for students to meet with success. Parents, who are actively involved in all aspects of school life and consistently monitor their child’s progress, find that their children generally meet with success.

Another valuable resource that students and families at Spotswood High School are utilizing is Naviance Family Connection, which is a web-based program that encourages and supports post high school career and college planning. Family Connection is unique to our school and is linked to Naviance Succeed, a service used in School Counseling.

Students will be working with their School Counselor to complete inventories and assessments, build a resume, research career and college information, and search for enrichment and scholarship opportunities. Naviance Family Connection is also the central tool used in our Career Exploration course which students may elect to take in conjunction with Money Management.

Naviance Family Connection will provide our students and the following features:

  • Goal Setting
  • Post-Secondary Exploration
  • College Search and Application Management
  • Career Assessment and Exploration
  • Personality and Learning Style Inventory/Career Interest
  • Resume Builder
  • Enrichment and Scholarship Opportunities
  • Acquire and Apply 21st Century Skills

Parents/Guardians will be able to:

  • Review their Child’s Portfolio
  • Complete College and Career Searches
  • Research Enrichment and Scholarship Opportunities
  • Access Important Information directly from School Counseling Services

I am extremely proud of our High School and its accomplishments and our continuing quest to improve and strive for excellence in the classroom and beyond. The community and the Board of Education continue to support our vision and goals as well as our mission statement of “The Spotswood Public School District is dedicated to excellence in education by inspiring and challenging our students to achieve their full potential while becoming productive citizens of the global community.”

Thank you,
Thomas Calder
732-723-2200 ext. 1030