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Calder, Thomas Principal
Guida, Jennifer Secretary to the Vice Principal
Mastroserio, Michael Assistant Principal
Losinski, Kathy Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Bruno, Lorraine Administrative Assistant School Counseling Services
Andrechick, Kayla Athletic/School Counseling Secretary
D'Orvilliers, Roland Attendance Secretary

Altmiller, Dianna World Languages
Bergman-DeFilippo, Carol Special Education
Bradley, Julie Mathematics
Cammarano, Andrew Communication Arts
Carino-Koza, Sarah Music
Cater, Amelia Science
Chaya, John Communication Arts
Cohen, Carol Business, Vocational and Technology Education
Collins, Alyson Art
Cummings, Alan Communication Arts
Curto, Michael Social Studies
Dempsey, Martin Science
Feibel, Christopher Special Education
Fersini, Samantha Physical Education / Health
Fredricks, Glenn Physical Education / Health
Fredricks, Suzanne Communication Arts
Furman, Barbara Special Education
Gawlak, Richard Physical Education / Health
Gerin, Halli Social Studies
Gozick, Christopher Communication Arts
Healey, Jessica Special Education
Hetzler, Jill Physical Education / Health
Hollender, Leonard Special Education
Hull, Gary Business, Vocational and Technology Education
Jay, Julie Science
Knolmayer, Todd Special Education
Krainski, Daniel Physical Education / Health
Lauro, Patricia Child Study Team
Marconi, Jessalyn Mathematics
Markle, Melissa Mathematics
Marshall, Sharon Business, Vocational and Technology Education
Marvinny, Jeffrey Mathematics
Meagher, Kelly Business, Vocational and Technology Education
Merrigan, Matthew Social Studies
Meyers, Colleen Social Studies
Michaels, Jeffrey Business, Vocational and Technology Education
Michaels, Rima Science
Mikulak, Amy Mathematics
Mooney, Erin Science
Morton, Megan Mathematics
Mucci, Megan Special Education
Ober, Marsha World Languages
Panico, Ronald Communication Arts
Peabody, Erin Social Studies
Plachinski, Barbara Art
Robbins, Michelle Mathematics
Rocha, Kathryn Social Studies
Schwartz, Joseph Business, Vocational and Technology Education
Sposato, Dominic Communication Arts
Talish, Christopher Science
Trimboli, Barbara World Languages
Van Doren, Lisa Special Education
VanHouten, Laura World Languages
Visokay, William Physical Education / Health
Williams, Annie Communication Arts
Zaborney, Andrew Business, Vocational and Technology Education
Zygnerski, Nick Science
Zygnerski, Patricia Science

Biroc, Nancy Aide
Boszko, Marianne Guidance
Bowers, Diane Aide
Farley, Chris Building Security
Hansen, Jim Building Security
Knapp, Lauren Guidance
Lauro, Patricia Child Study Team
McCamish, Melyssa Child Study Team
Olin, Sandra Speech Therapist
Rodriguez, Elisa Aide
Santiago, Christine Aide
Sawyer, Susan Library
Snyder, Phyliss Aide
Steenvoorden, Deborah Guidance
Steinbeck, Marcy Building Security
Tal, Kali Child Study Team
Turner, Jeffrey Trainer
Varick, Jennifer Nurse
Weinberger, Leah Speech Therapist
Willuski, Amy Guidance